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We’ve received your feedback and listened!

Here at World Duty Free we aim to provide all our candidates with a positive and enjoyable experience. In order to ensure we are able to do so, we have carried out a satisfaction survey. 99% participants voted satisfied and above, 1762 surveys were sent with a return rate of 25%.

Below is the feedback we have received:

After telephone interview

“I spoke to a very lovely lady on the phone who couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable and at ease over the phone. Very friendly and helpful when asking me questions. I’ve not done a telephone interview before and she made it feel less scary which was nice. I would be more than happy to recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a new job/career.”

“The interviewer was very pleasant and explained everything to me about the job and what they would expect from me.  She was very kind and gave me plenty of information I needed and was very helpful.”

“My interviewer was very personable and remembered little details from our previous call that really showed her attentiveness and a personal touch. Thank you for your time and the opportunity :-)”

“The girl on the phone was extremely helpful with providing information on the role and ensuring that I was asked the questions clearly. She was friendly and clearly passionate about the service/interview provided.”

‘The lady conducting the interview was very helpful from initial contact right through to the interview itself with great communication’

“My interviewer was very professional throughout our phone interview. She made it very clear in her conversation about the whole interview process, explaining what we will be going through at different stage.”

“The chap who interviewed me was was extremely friendly and also made the interview a pleasant experience, it was very clear and precise and i was given a lot of information about the role.”

‘I was interviewed by a very professional young man and am extremely happy and satisfied with how well it was conducted.  He had great knowledge about World Duty Free and the job role itself. I was made fully aware on what to expect and given a step by step of the application process.  I am very happy with the overall experience and being given the chance to elaborate on my own personal experiences.”

After face-to-face interview

“I was very impressed with the positive welcome I received and the interview was carried out in a very relaxed and professional way. The assessment was thorough and upbeat. Overall it was an enjoyable visit”

“It was a very fun interview with interesting group activity. The interviewer was really nice and very easy to talk to”

“All the staff at the assessment day were very lovely and welcoming, very knowledgeable and listened and were more than happy to answer questions if things were about confusing. 10/10”

“The team were absolutely amazing and so welcoming. They made the whole experience very enjoyable and comfortable. I was very happy with the way they did the interview and asked the questions. They are extremely nice”

“Everyone was so lovely and gave a ton of information that we needed. Was the best interview I have done, hope I get the job. Thank you everyone for the chance”

‘This was the best interview I ever attended, the interviewers were like our colleagues never once made us feel like we were nobodies. I say WDF should train the other interviewers of every company .The interviewers were very well spoken, friendly, fun, their knowledge about the company was outstanding, If given a chance to work for WDF I would use my set of skills to work towards the highest standards of customer satisfaction for the largest airport retailer in the world. I would love to say thank you for giving me a chance, Thank you very much and I really would love to be a part of this ever growing WDF Family”

‘There was a great level of professionalism from the off . The interview team created a relaxed and informative run down of the day and conducted the day very openly and we’re very willing to answer any questions as well as offer advice. I really enjoyed the whole interview process , I have gained a very good impression of the company and the huaraches . It will be a pleasure to join the team!’

‘I expected 1st class service and received nothing less. The staff were very friendly yet professional. The interviewees were treated with respect and courtesy at all times and we were informed of the next stage. It was my pleasure to be in attendance.’

‘The experience was really good, the lady was a really nice interviewer who made me feel relaxed she didn’t make me feel nervous she spoke in a polite way and had a bubbly personality, just hope I did well and thank you for making time out to call me for the interview”.